Sand-limestone bonding

Sand-limestone bonding that you can rely on

Specialised partner in efficient sand-limestone bonding

Zuidland Lijmwerken provides ambitious and pioneering sand-limestone bonding. Since the family business's founding in 2000, we have invested in sustainable and efficient partnerships with staff, clients, and partners. With a modern machine pool, including our own cranes (WB7, NK1000, HLK450), own transport, and an in-house repair service, we seamlessly comply with modern, cost-effective, safe construction requirements. Our robotic total station is especially efficient. We are one of the few Dutch sand-limestone companies that has this technology in house.

Our clients consist of national and international contractors. We offer them the flexibility, reliability, quality, and completeness that is essential to a well-executed project.

Sand-limestone bonding elements
Sand-limestone bonding chamfer blocks
Sand-limestone bonding hand blocks
Minimal time necessary for plotting bilges thanks to the robotic total station
Private machine pool and vehicle fleet
Experienced bonders

Prepared for the future

Residential construction is facing increasingly difficult circumstances. The State of the Housing Market 2020 report states that residential construction cannot stagnate to satisfy the growing demand for (primarily) affordable housing. To achieve their goals, the State, provinces, and councils must work together with developers, corporations, and branch organisations. Construction - both now and in the future - demands greater efforts from branch organisations, including contractors, subcontractors, but also companies like Zuidland Lijmwerken that can provide efficiently executed, high-quality sand-limestone bonding.

Better sand-limestone bonding

We believe it is important to invest in technology and innovation that makes our work better and more cost-effective. At the same time, it is equally important to invest in the safety and expertise of those who are engaged in this work. For flexible and certain commitment to projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, and England, we have a team of excellent bonders. In addition, we closely work together with partners and subcontractors that understand both your and our ambition. Together, we're ready for the future!

Sustainable and efficient sand-limestone bonding

Sand-lime bricks are 100% natural bricks, made of calcium, sand, and water. Hardening takes place under pressure. This ensures that sand-lime bricks have high density, without losing machinability. Sand-limestone does not burn and has excellent heat retention and humidity regulation. They are also large, which is beneficial for cost-effective construction. When sand-lime bricks are combined with high-quality execution of the bonding, you get a sustainable, efficient construction method.

We love short lines of communication and speed. Transparency is important too. Get a free quotation today by uploading your blueprints (in .pdf or .dwg file formats). Do you perhaps prefer a more personal approach? Feel free to leave your contact details.

Future-oriented building towards progress

Construction is more than just working with materials. It involves working with people who complete a complex task together while utilising each others' knowledge. At Zuidland Lijmwerken, we value teamwork. From people responsible for calculation to staff members who work to execute the actual construction... We all believe in one single mission: providing quality our clients can rely on. Clients can rely on an experienced team of specialists. Both within Zuidland Lijmwerken itself and within the partners we work with to provide our bonding activities both nationally and internationally. Together we offer everything you need for excellent bonding.

Are you interested in sand-limestone bonding by Zuidland Lijmwerken? We would love to hear from you. For an introductory meeting or answers to your questions, please contact us directly at:


Zuidland Lijmwerken is specialist in het verlijmen van kalkzandsteenproducten. Wij verlijmen vooral kalkzandsteenelementen, vellingkantblokken en handblokken.

Wil je de knowhow en ervaring van Zuidland Lijmwerken inzetten voor het verlijmen van kalkzandsteen van je bouwproject? Dan gaan we graag het gesprek met je aan.


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