Prefab sand-limestone construction projects

Prefab sand-limestone construction projects

Efficient construction with sand-limestone

Zuidland Lijmwerken is a leading family business when it comes to prefab sand-limestone construction projects. We are a partner within residential and non-residential construction for both nationally and internationally active contractors and subcontractors. Clients are unburdened by high-quality and innovative cost-saving construction solutions. From the planning stage to completion, we are a partner that is committed to the success of our clients by applying our experience, thoroughness, and typically Brabantian level-headedness. Within prefab sand-limestone construction projects, we mainly provide:

Bonding of sand-limestone elements
Bonding of chamfer blocks
Processing and bonding of hand blocks

Prepared for the future

Construction is a collective process that brings the present and the future together. Today, construction has to be safe, reliable, and cost-efficient. Tomorrow, people want to reliably, sustainably and comfortably live and work in the homes and offices you realise as a contractor. At Zuidland Lijmwerken, partner in prefab sand-limestone construction projects, we believe that specialisation, commitment, and a sustainable approach guarantee the desired level of quality. Both now and in the future.

Unburdened as a contractor

With our proactive attitude and service-oriented support, we contribute to a stress-free construction process. Period. You are guaranteed to collaborate with a permanent contact who will keep a watchful and solution-oriented eye on everything. Throughout the duration of your project, Zuidland project leaders conduct regular quality checks as described in the Quality Assurance Law.

All our prefab sand-limestone construction projects are entirely performed by our in-house bonders. For large-scale projects, we work with permanent partners that meet both our and your quality requirements.

Thanks to our extensive, modern machine pool, from transport to cranes, forks, and clamps, Zuidland Lijmwerken has realised itself as a self-sufficient partner. You don't need to rent anything yourself. You are completely unburdened: from preliminary discussion to start-up meeting to final completion.

Speed and precision guaranteed thanks to robotic total technology

One of the major benefits of working with Zuidland Lijmwerken as your partner for prefab sand-limestone construction projects is our robotic total station. Based on blueprints and calculations, this makes it easy to project the bilge on the floor with extreme accuracy. Compared to manual measuring, the robotic total station provides major benefits when it comes to precision and speed.

We love short lines of communication and speed. Transparency is important too. Get a free quotation today by uploading your blueprints (in .pdf or .dwg file formats). Do you perhaps prefer a more personal approach? Feel free to leave your contact details.
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Reliable on the construction floor

As a contractor you know the ropes. You know exactly what requirements of the prefab sand-limestone construction projects under your responsibility should be. Are you looking for a reliable partner who can assist you with these projects? A partner that minimises any risks of delay? A bonding company that provides great work based on technology, innovation, and experienced bonders? In short, are you looking for a reliable partner on the construction floor? We would love to discuss the details with you!

Opting for Zuidland Lijmwerken guarantees an ambitious team player. Since the year 2000, we have been active in the field of prefab sand-limestone construction and other construction projects. Our main task is to provide high-quality bonding of sand-limestone elements. Our clients include construction contractors from the Netherlands, Belgium, and England. Both challenging and less complex projects are achieved through mutual ambition and know-how and with the use of computer technology and modern, high-quality equipment. Both in residential and non-residential construction and in high and low-rise buildings.

For more information, requesting a quotation, or making an appointment, we are available at the telephone numbers below.


Zuidland Lijmwerken is specialist in het verlijmen van kalkzandsteenproducten. Wij verlijmen vooral kalkzandsteenelementen, vellingkantblokken en handblokken.

Wil je de knowhow en ervaring van Zuidland Lijmwerken inzetten voor het verlijmen van kalkzandsteen van je bouwproject? Dan gaan we graag het gesprek met je aan.


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