Prefab construction sand-limestone

Prefab construction with sand-limestone

The expertise, progress and strength of an experienced family business

Prefab construction with sand-limestone is now an integral part of modern construction methods. This makes it an excellent material for indoor walls and walls between residences. Sand-limestone is environmentally-neutral and consists of sand, calcium, and water, which has been pressed together into solid blocks. The blocks have high structure-density and a strong suction force. The material is inflammable and has great heat and humidity regulating properties. The size of the blocks allows a pair of experienced bonders to lay up to 60m2 per day. The main benefit of prefab construction with sand-limestone is how cost-efficient construction is. Through our activities, we provide high-quality bonding of:

Sand-limestone elements
Chamfer blocks
Hand blocks

Complete unburdening of construction contractors

We at Zuidland Lijmwerken provide bonding work throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of England. Our goal is to completely unburden our clients at every step throughout the project. ‘Commitment guarantees quality’ is our philosophy. All of our projects are executed under our own management. We have our own transport and a modern machine pool that consists of cranes, hoists, hydraulic cutters, and small equipment like pallet forks, wedges, braces, and clamps. In other words, you do not need to rent equipment.

Working with cost-reducing alternatives

From 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds, that's not a promise we can make. Nevertheless, you can comfortably compare the speed and technique with which we build prefab projects to the performance of a high-tech car. We are one of the few sand-limestone companies in the Netherlands that works with a robotic total station. This station has been developed with the aim of saving and editing blueprints. The results are then used to project the bilge with appropriate dimensions on the ground. This technology is incredibly fast and very accurate. We offer a robotic total station as an alternative to manually plotting out the bilge, the latter which takes a lot of time. Our alternative saves both time and money.

Our bonders

Technology and innovations cannot be used to their fullest potential without the knowledge of those who work with them. The success that we have been able to achieve since our founding in 2000 goes beyond technical capabilities. In fact, a major part of our success is thanks to our on-site employees. We are proud of the bonders and partners we work with. When choosing Zuidland Lijmwerken for prefab constructions with sand-limestone, you are guaranteed a team that values quality and a down-to-earth mantra of 'do what you promise'.

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Working together

Zuidland Lijmwerken is a pioneering bonding company owned by the Naenen family in Brabant. By investing in innovation, knowledge, and commitment, we are a full-service provider of sand-limestone works. With our own modern machine pool, solid advice, and uncomplicated support, we aim to provide successful and high-quality sand-limestone constructions. Our clients include construction contractors from the Netherlands, Belgium, and England. Thanks to combination of each others' knowledge and enthusiasm, and utilising modern methods such as innovative computer technology, even the most complex assignments within residential and non-residential construction can be successfully realised.

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Zuidland Lijmwerken is specialist in het verlijmen van kalkzandsteenproducten. Wij verlijmen vooral kalkzandsteenelementen, vellingkantblokken en handblokken.

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