Bonding of sand-limestone

Bonding of sand-limestone

Partner in building with a vision of the future

Zuidland Lijmwerken is specialised in bonding sand-lime stone for residential construction projects and within non-residential construction. Throughout the entirety of the Netherlands and Belgium - and occasionally even farther - we contribute to the successes of various construction projects with our high-quality work. We are a partner that does everything under our own management. Our family business is perfectly suited for this with its own transport, various cranes, hydraulic cutter, and other specialised equipment. In addition, we are one of the few bonding companies that utilises innovative computer technology for plotting bilges.

Working together with Zuidland Lijmwerken guarantees a partner that provides thorough advice, efficiently unburdens you, carefully realises its approach, and as such provides high-quality work in every way imaginable.

Our expertise:

Sand-limestone element bonding
Sand-limestone chamfer block bonding
Sand-limestone hand block bonding

Foundational advantage with robotic total technology

We are one of the few sand-limestone companies that utilise computer technology for plotting bilges. By investing in a robotic total station, we are suited to digital construction processes. The measuring work that was previously done manually, is now done more precisely and much quicker. By entering and editing digital blueprints that are then projected onto the ground, we are able to lay out the bilge in half a day.

Indoor walls and walls between residences

Both in and outside the Netherlands, there is currently a massive demand for new homes. The Dutch 'State of the Housing Market 2020' report states continuous work is required to satisfy the growing demand for (primarily) affordable housing. To achieve the set goals, efficient construction without loss of quality is important. Prefab construction with sand-limestone is perfectly suited for this. Bonding of sand-limestone is quick work. A crew of just two Zuidland Lijmwerken bonders can realise 50 to 60m2 sand-limestone walls per day.

We love short lines of communication and speed. Transparency is important too. Get a free quotation today by uploading your blueprints (in .pdf or .dwg file formats). Do you perhaps prefer a more personal approach? Feel free to leave your contact details.
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Guaranteed quality from request to completion

For a project with the least amount of delays and other challenges, good preparation is important. It goes without saying that at Zuidland Lijmwerken, we pay a lot of attention to this. After your request and examining your blueprints and specifications (which you can submit digitally), we will provide a specific, competitive quotation. We will then visit the location for an introduction and to discuss the quotation.

Should we commence activities, we will appoint a head project manager as your permanent contact throughout the entire cooperation process. Shortly before the start date, we will meet again to have a launch meeting. On the start date, we will plot out the bilge with our robot. This is done in half a day, after which our bonders will start bonding the sand-lime bricks until the storey is done. Over the duration of the project, the project manager will regularly conduct quality assurance checks on the bonding of the bricks, according to the Quality Assurance Law.

Are you interested in taking advantage of Zuidland Lijmwerken's know-how and expertise for bonding in your construction projects? We would love to discuss things in further detail. Please feel free to contact us directly at:


Zuidland Lijmwerken is specialist in het verlijmen van kalkzandsteenproducten. Wij verlijmen vooral kalkzandsteenelementen, vellingkantblokken en handblokken.

Wil je de knowhow en ervaring van Zuidland Lijmwerken inzetten voor het verlijmen van kalkzandsteen van je bouwproject? Dan gaan we graag het gesprek met je aan.


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