Sand-limestone building shell construction

Sand-limestone building shell construction

Specialised in bonding sand-limestone

Zuidland Lijmwerken has been active since 2000 in the (high-quality) field of sand-limestone bonding. With experience, reliability, specialisation, and modern technology as our backbone, we thoroughly ensure carrying capacity within building shells with sand-limestone.

Zuidland Lijmwerken guarantees service that extends beyond the bonding of sand-limestone. You're opting for a fully-fledged partner who strives for cost-saving construction solutions. We do so with the efforts of experienced (and therefore productive) bonders, a private machine pool (you don't have to rent anything!), and a solution-oriented approach. We ensure carrying capacity within building shell works with sand-limestone by means of:

Bonding of sand-limestone elements
Bonding of chamfer blocks
Processing and bonding of hand blocks

Robot precision for plotting the bilge

By investing in a robotic total station , we can offer our clients efficiency and precision for plotting out the bilge. This technology makes it possible to swiftly make the right calculations and just as quickly project the bilge at the right location and height on the ground. After bonding the layers, the wall will be at exactly the right height. Afterwards, the floor can be laid perfectly. The technology provides speed, precision, and even calculates the right amount of materials for your sand-limestone building shell projects.

Solid partnership

As a contractor you need to be able to build on certainty. Challenging construction projects are your domain. Despite this, challenges and delays during the construction process are a no-go. To prevent this, you need to have the right people in the right place; to build solid cooperative relationships with people who strive for the same level of quality. Regarding sand-limestone building shell projects, Zuidland Lijmwerken is a partner that adds value in a meaningful way. Both within residential and non-residential construction. With excellent service, a solution-oriented attitude and high-quality bonding, we make a significant contribution to the success of your construction project.

Reliable from the meeting room to the construction floor

Zuidland Lijmwerken is a proactive, process-oriented partner. Both at the meeting table and on the construction floor. In summary, our focus is a single goal: to provide high quality bonding and contribute to a stress-free construction process.
Throughout this process, we have a few aces up our sleeve. First off, we have an in-house qualified and enthusiastic staff. From calculators to bonders, everyone has construction in their DNA. For the practical execution of our bonding activities and building shell projects, we use our own equipment such as various cranes, lifting clamps, pallet forks, and sand-limestone braces. In addition, we have our very own repair and transport service. With the aforementioned robotic total station we can calculate and plot the bilge in a cost-effective way.

We love short lines of communication and speed. Transparency is important too. Get a free quotation today by uploading your blueprints (in .pdf or .dwg file formats). Do you perhaps prefer a more personal approach? Feel free to leave your contact details.
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Family business Zuidland Lijmwerken

Zuidland Lijmwerken was founded in 2000. At the head of the company are father and son Naenen, who share a common vision: 'Successful construction projects are realised through cooperation.' Our clients include construction contractors from the Netherlands, Belgium, and England. With our mutual ambition and know-how, supplemented where necessary with the deployment of reliable subcontractors, we successfully create the most complex building shell projects with sand-lime bricks. Both within residential and non-residential construction.

Are you interested in engaging Zuidland Lijmwerken's know-how and experience in bonding for your future building shell construction projects? We would love to hear from you.


Zuidland Lijmwerken is specialist in het verlijmen van kalkzandsteenproducten. Wij verlijmen vooral kalkzandsteenelementen, vellingkantblokken en handblokken.

Wil je de knowhow en ervaring van Zuidland Lijmwerken inzetten voor het verlijmen van kalkzandsteen van je bouwproject? Dan gaan we graag het gesprek met je aan.


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